heartbreak, loneliness, anger, sadness, depression, jealousy and meaningless relationships to fill the void when pity parties become the extent of your social life? 


This condition may become chronic with age and often leads to a sense of desperation, hopelessness and fear of being alone forever. 

SOLUTION: Indie Girls do single better.

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Pg 79: Sucker Punched By the Universe

Okay, maybe I'm not a total badass when it comes to dealing with emotional funks. Especially the kinda funks that are shoved into my life via big and unexpected changes to my comfort zone. The kinda changes I was either consciously trying to avoid or had never even crept up into my radar. The kind the Universe throws at me like a sucker punch which, I assume, is to keep me on my toes, living in the moment and full of gratitude.

Pg 78: Emotional Funks Happen

One thing I definitely value about getting older is my ability to acknowledge and experience negative emotions, feelings and fears without shame, judgment or complete hopelessness. After all, ruts and emotional funks happen. But at forty-four years old I can finally sit in my pain and feel miserable, all the while knowing that it's temporary. Unhappiness and uncertainty don't last forever, unless I let them.

My Indie Girl Dates

My Indie Girl Dates
When Vanity Cost Me My Lashes

I was admittedly jealous of my EX for a few reasons. 1. His spontaneity 2. His fearlessness 3. His damned eyelashes! I tried every drug store brand to fancy department store brand of mascara on the market but nothing could rival the length and volume of his god-given lashes.

A Kiss in Paradise

The pop of a champagne cork in the quiet of a secluded beach. A toast to another year of love as the sun traces a brilliant path along the still, aquamarine water and tucks itself behind the clouds. The gentle caress of the heat at dusk as the powdery cool sand embraces our feet. A celebratory kiss.