Got Single-itis? 

Are you divorced, perpetually single and suffering from heartbreak, loneliness, anger, sadness, depression, jealousy and meaningless relationships to fill the void when pity parties become the extent of your social life? 

This condition may become chronic with age and often leads to desperation, hopelessness and fear of being alone forever.

SINGLE-ITIS ANONYMOUS is for YOU! Start your recovery now with our 4-Step Program.

My Indie Girl Diary 

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Pg 83: My Imperfect Dream Job

The Universe took advantage of my natural curiosity. Of course I’d wanna know all the details about a two-year gig teaching Pilates in Turks & Caicos even though I personally had no interest in the job. Back in the day, I would’ve jumped at an opportunity like this.

Pg 82: When the Universe Stages an Intervention

It wasn’t until I finally arrived in Turks & Caicos that I realized how much I needed a drastic change. Or how desperate I was to feel grounded, centered and supported again. I guess it’s hard to notice what you really need when you never take the time to be still and allow your emotions to rise to the surface and be felt. 

My Indie Girl Dates

My Indie Girl Dates
Reluctant Beach Romance

I’d already lived on this picturesque, private hotel resort island for a whole month before even dipping my body into ocean. Crazy, I know! I even taught Pilates classes on the beach every Friday, instructing guests to roll up through their spines, gaze across the ocean and absorb the sea breeze before rolling back to the grounding support of the sand. 

Meditation For Overstimulated New Yorkers

I’m a New Yorker. I thrive on the frenetic pulse created by its 8million inhabitants driven by our individual stories of ambition, hope and success as much as our apathy, desperation and failure. We get things done quickly, purposefully and with an exclamation point. We don’t pause. We don’t take deep breaths. We just keep moving.