Got Single-itis? 

Are you divorced, perpetually single and suffering from heartbreak, loneliness, anger, sadness, depression, jealousy and meaningless relationships to fill the void when pity parties become the extent of your social life? 

This condition may become chronic with age and often leads to desperation, hopelessness and fear of being alone forever.

SINGLE-ITIS ANONYMOUS is for YOU! Start your recovery now with our 4-Step Program.

My Indie Girl Diary 

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Pg 88: Spiritual Gangster or Spiritual Wimp?

When I think about it, making the seemingly impulsive decision to drop everything, uproot my life, and start from scratch somewhere new is kinda my M.O. As much as I squawk about my need to feel grounded, moving to Turks & Caicos marks the third time in my adult life that I’ve done just that. So I had to ask myself “Am I just a spiritual wimp?”

Pg 87: How To Succeed at Failing Without Really Trying

I signed the dotted line and the next few months were a chaotic mess of fear, numbness and denial mixed with the excitement of possibility. The idea of uprooting my life in such a big way seemed like pure fiction. How could I possibly be the protagonist of such a crazy adventure where one rids themselves of all their worldly possessions, says goodbye to friends and family, their favorite creature comforts; and moves to a private island for the next two years of her life? 

My Indie Girl Dates

My Indie Girl Dates
Food Is My Sex

After living on this private resort island for the last five months, anything other than food from the Staff Cafeteria (which we call "canteen") and my own limited repertoire in the kitchen is considered a delicacy to my taste buds. In fact, it's pure ecstasy. Food is my sex on this god-forsaken island (that I love) where the pickings are slim when it comes to men and culinary pleasure.

Sweet Love and Sour Lemons

When you live at a destination getaway that’s perfected the picture of privacy and romance; where the majority of guests are honeymooners or people celebrating decades of marriage; and where couples come to my Pilates classes hand-in-hand and engage in friendly competition during the Series of 5. And when you’re suffering from a tricky diagnosis of single-itis plus PMS...