Carve through space with your curves... Wind your hips into humble submission... Undulate your spine with slinky seduction... Immerse yourself in your senses with SOAK™; a sensual workout for the soul.  This more than just a full-body mat workout grounded in dynamic movement sequences, core strength, alignment and breath-work. It's also a guided movement meditation and intensive journaling exploration designed to develop your inner-awareness, liberate your senses, and free your inner-voice without fear or shame. Because there’s nothing more empowering than embracing your vulnerability and trusting your strength when faced with a challenge; on or off the mat.

GET SOAKED™  Join me on the mat! 

Physical Strengths: 

  • alignment and posture
  • full-body strength
  • core strength
  • flexibility
  • breath-work
  • stamina


Emotional Strengths:

  • get out of your head, into your body and experience the present moment
  • surrender fully to your senses, feelings and emotions
  • express yourself honestly without fear or judgment 
  • explore and take pleasure in your innate sensuality without shame
  • discover your natural impulses, thoughts and feelings inspired by challenges
  • learn to face challenges with confidence, grace and determination rather than self-doubt, fear or defeat


Why SOAK™? 

My own personal experience with single-itis recovery and movement expression inspired me to facilitate a process and supportive environment through which women of all fitness levels can discover the inextricable connection between the physical and emotional body. A sacred space to SOAK™ yourself with the kind of inner-strength, confidence and peace that comes from channeling feelings otherwise harbored in the gut, heart & mind. Where you learn to move beyond stagnation and summon flow into your life and relationships. 

My life has been dedicated to exploring how to live more fully in my own body; how to remain present enough to absorb all the multi-sensory moments that add emotional resonance to my daily experiences. And how to breathe through those moments with the vulnerability necessary to accept, process, and express them without shame or judgement. 

As a professional dancer and aerial artist for two decades, plus my experience as a massage therapist, fitness and dance instructor, I have felt and witnessed how physical strength, flexibility, and authentic self-expression are empowering foundations for a passion-driven life filled with confidence, meaning and purpose. SOAK™ seamlessly merges my passion for fitness, sensual movement expression and journaling for a completely immersive experience into your senses; to practice the art of being present and living fully, by freeing your body and your inner-voice without fear or shame. GET SOAKED™. 

How others feel about SOAK™...

Kira Lamb’s fusion of all the techniques she loves, into a feminine workout for the soul, is groundbreaking.
— Dara Cole, Owner, Sacred Movement Studio, Brooklyn
SOAK™ is more than just an amazing workout. The 4-week workshop led me through the unearthing of deep desires (you know, the giant audacious dreams you might not even let yourself fully admit to). For the 1st time, I found myself with a concrete course of action to go after the Really Big Goals I’d only batted my eyelashes at in the past. That practical clarity, those insights I found there on the mat, continue to guide my decisions.
— Rebecca Louise Miller, playwright/actress
SOAK™ offers the perfect combination of strengthening women’s bodies & their connection to femininity. I was inspired by Kira’s ability to seamlessly incorporate her vast knowledge of exercise physiology with her fluid dance style. Her enthusiasm for love, life & dance are an inspiration for Indie Girls everywhere.
— Carla Duren, singer/songwriter/actress