COMMIT - Take The IndieGirl Pledge


Commit to becoming an IndieGirl by repeating aloud and meditating on the following statements daily. Declare them as true and allow them to become your dominant thoughts and core beliefs. As they take root in your psyche, experience how these self-honoring truths find a way of manifesting themselves in your life.








  • I am a grounded, independent, self-loving go-getter that embraces life.
  • I nurture my body, mind, spirit, environment & world community.
  • I am confident in my intelligence & beauty without external validation.
  • I love my career & prioritize time to indulge in life's pleasures guilt-free.
  • I explore the world around me, delve into hobbies & welcome new adventures.
  • I live consciously; aware of the power contained in my thoughts, attitudes & beliefs.
  • I trust my intuition to attract relationships that edify me.
  • I feel complete & approach new relationships with emotional balance and an IndieGirlSpirit!

Welcome to the IndieGirl Community!