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What if:

  • your wildest DREAM came true?
  • you could CREATE your life rather than just letting it happen?
  • you could THRIVE rather than just survive?
  • you could add more JOY & MEANING to your life?

#52PickMeUp is an interactive Virtual Indie Girl Adventure about living with intention and designing our lives around our wants, needs and desires. It’s about recognizing the possibility of creating our own reality and taking control of our lives rather than being a victim of circumstance like a breakup, divorce or single-itis. Because, when we’re conscious of our mindset and work on making choices in alignment with what we want, need and desire (in life & love) I truly believe we have the power to make our dreams come true! The problem is, we often underestimate our power.

#52PickMeUp is designed to help us regain that power.

What you need:

  • a commitment to living with intention & authenticity
  • your Indie Girl Diary & a pen

What you get:

  • 52 weeks of guided soul-searching
  • the power of clear intentions & honest self-expression
  • deep insights from stream-of-consciousness writing in your Indie Girl Diary
  • greater confidence in your life choices
  • community & support

How it works:

  • GET GROUNDED with a brand new #52PickMeUp delivered every Monday to your in-box.
  • WRITE YOUR TRUTH with stream-of-consciousness journaling. It's like a direct portal to your subconscious. Use each #52PickMeUp as inspiration for some free-flow, straight from the gut, raw and uncensored writing in your Indie Girl Diary.
  • SPEAK YOUR TRUTH by sharing your thoughts, intentions, breakthroughs or epiphanies with the rest of us Indie Girls in the comments sections of our social media channels. There's power in community!
  • TAKE CONTROL OF YOUR LIFE by making daily choices in alignment with your intentions. Trust that you're worthy of your wants, needs and desires.
  • FIND THE ADVENTURE in being honest, loving yourself, trusting uncertainty, making bold choices and creating the life you want!

And tell all your single sista-friends to join us too!

Earlier Event: February 1
Feb: Single-itis Awareness Month