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Feb: Single-itis Awareness Month


BOOM, it's February and the world is suddenly covered in red roses, boxes of chocolates and nauseating amounts of PDA. And the interwebs are filled with #coupleselfies, marriage proposal announcements, and status updates like "in a relationship". And here we are: SINGLE!

Loneliness can do a doozey on our Indie Girl Spirit. So if we're not working the Four Steps of Single-itis Anonymous, that instigating little chatterbox in our heads will take great pleasure in fueling feelings of HEARTBREAK, LONELINESS, ANGER, RESENTMENT, SADNESS and JEALOUSY. So let's make February Single-itis Awareness Month. How? We're gonna werk dem steps together. Like this...


Step 1/Week 1: Indie Girl Diary

Feb 1-Feb 7

FROM ROCK BOTTOM to BEING SINGLE ROCKS! In your Indie Girl Diary, describe what your single-itis rock bottom felt like. At what point did you know you were stuck in your heartbreak, loneliness, anger, resentment, sadness, jealousy and/or sense of failure? How did you know that something would have to change in order for you to reclaim your life? Then, write about all the many ways that being single rocks (even in February)!


Step 2/Week 2: Indie Girl Dates

Feb 8-Feb 14

WINE, DINE, PAMPER & ROMANCE YOURSELF! Plan a date for one. Yes, just you, sista! Perhaps a wine & chocolate pairing class... a romantic dinner (table for one)... an indulgent spa treatment... a long walk in the park... a luxurious candle-lit bath with essential oils. Be open to new places, tastes and experiences. See what it feels like to engage in conversation with perfect strangers or to be completely alone in your own thoughts..


Step 3/Week 3: Indie Girl Fitness

Feb 15-Feb 21

BRING YOUR SEXY BACK! While sipping your favorite full-bodied red, fill your room with scented candles, turn down the lights and turn on the playlist you wanna seduce lovers to. And then carve through space with your curves... wind your hips into humble submission... undulate your body with slinky seduction. Shed your inhibitions. Dance. Move slowly enough to notice your breath, enjoy the sensation of your hair as it slides across your shoulders and the sexy spiraling of your hips. Like stream-of-consciousness writing, get lost in self-expression. Just be your authentically sensual self, raw and uncensored. After all, no one is watching.


Step 4/Week 4 Indie Girl Adventures

Feb 22-Feb 28

OH YES, IT'S LADIES NIGHT! Gather all your single sista-friends for a night on the town, Sex & the City-style; complete with fabulous head-turning outfits, sexy cocktails and girl-talk. Or do something a little more adventurous like taking a pole dance class together or going to a speed dating event. Or stay in for game night, crafting or a movie-thon. You've got a few weeks to plan, so start now. And have fun!

For more SINGLE-ITIS SURVIVAL TIPS throughout the month, hang with us cool Indie Girls here:

And, of course, IF YOU'VE GOT ANY SINGLE-ITIS SUFFERING SISTA-FRIENDS, be sure to invite them to Single-itis Awareness Month too! Spread the word with these links. Thanks!

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