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Indie Girl Fitness: "Dwell in Possibility" 4-Wk Wksp Series

  • Sacred Movement Studio 197 Clifton Place Brooklyn, NY 11205 USA (map)

Move into 2014 without fear, self-doubt, censor or shame. Embody your individuality and experience what it feels like to SOAK™ yourself in the possibility of your intentions, goals and dreams. 

SOAK™ is a:

  1. Guided Movement Meditation
  2. Intensive Journaling Exploration

designed to:

  • Immerse you in your senses
  • Develop your inner-awareness
  • Facilitate honest self-expression thru movement
  • Free your inner-voice thru writing

Because there's nothing more empowering than embracing your vulnerability, knowing your worth and trusting your strengths when faced with POSSIBILITY; on or off the mat.

Come and wrap your intentions, goals and dreams into every fiber of your body and embed them into your psyche during this 4-WEEK WORKSHOP SERIES.

  • GROUND them with your feet.
  • CREATE them with your hips.
  • HONOR them in your gut.
  • EMBRACE them in your heart.
  • SPEAK them with your written words.
  • MANIFEST them in your mind's eye.
  • SURRENDER them to the Universe through your movement.

Carve through space with your curves... Wind your hips into humble submission... Undulate your spine with slinky seduction. Discover your mettle on the mat. Discover DRENCH™.

Sacred Movement Studio, Brooklyn, NY

Thursdays, Jan 2, 9, 16, 23 from 7-8:30pm

$69 for Sacred members  $99 for non-members