Hi, my name is Kira "Keex" Lamb...

and I'm an Indie Girl. In 2008 my husband of six years announced "married life isn't for me". I was completely blindsided by divorce, suddenly single at age 38, and plagued with questions like:

  • Who am I without my EX?
  • What do I want out of life?
  • Will I ever trust love again?

I felt robbed of my identity, my happiness and the future we had envisioned together. I felt sad, betrayed, confused and angry at the deepest conceivable levels. And my views about myself, dating and the possibility of ever experiencing real and lasting love were tainted by the numbing pain of heartbreak.  

My Rock-Bottom:

After 3000 miles had officially separated us, I found out (through the grapevine) 2 important facts about our marriage that my EX had conveniently forgotten to disclose when he broke up with me.

1.) His drunken one-night stand 2.) His ongoing affair with someone I knew. In fact, as I was nursing my freshly broken heart in NYC, he was moving that chick into our home in Los Angeles! 

My Indie Girl Recovery: 

Somehow, while weighed down with a heavy case of single-itis, I made a conscious choice not to let the rejection, loneliness and stigma of divorce decimate my spirit or ruin my life. I refused to give my EX that power!

More than ever I felt determined to live fully. But that required:

  • the stillness of honest self-examination and the active pursuit of my wildest dreams
  • re-discovering who I was and what I wanted out of life and love
  • learning to believe I deserved those things
  • using my power of choice in ways that supported my new life vision

What emerged unintentionally was my Four-Step Indie Girl Recovery Program, which became the Rx for single-itis. Each step has proven crucial to my inner-awareness, personal growth and my ability to re-envision my life without compromise. They continually empower me to live with integrity and complete confidence in my ability to manifest the life and love I dream of.  

Why Indie Girl Love Adventures?

Well, I blame single-itis and red wine for dulling my senses enough to put my Indie Girl Diary online and expose the raw and uncensored truth about my journey through separation, divorce and dating. But writing hasn't just been cathartic and revelatory process for me personally. What surprised me most was how my own transparency attracted an unexpected community of women who related to the depth of my pain, my desire for personal growth and the ability to define and attract exactly what I want in life and love. I no longer felt alone and isolated in my single-itis. In fact, an important part of my recovery has been the motivation of this objective support group that values my genuine happiness. Thus, Indie Girl Love Adventures was born: where we individually an collectively discover (self)love and new adventures - no matter what our relationship status is. 

If you want the raw, juicy, conflicted, bleak, insightful & empowering story of my Indie Girl recovery, click the links below.