Turn Ons: Precision perfect brows in a super-clean, sterile environment while surrounded by robust shopping opportunities at Bloomies.

Turn Offs:  It’s far from inconspicuous location on the 1st floor cosmetic section.  I usually elect to rid myself of unwanted body hair in private.  You might want to book your lip wax during their less busy hours.

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I discovered the most meticulous sculptor of eyebrows at the BeneFit Brow Bar in Bloomingdales, SOHO.  Her name is Jady.  She waxes, tweezes and trims your eyebrows with the precision and accuracy you’d expect of a plastic surgeon.  She takes her job seriously; knowing how important the eyebrows are in enhancing your overall look and making your eyes (aka. the windows to your soul) the focal point of your face.  She has become my ally in my own self-preservation during a time when it would be so much easier to let myself go.  After all, no-one’s been gazing into my eyes recently.  But, SINGLEHOOD shouldn’t be an excuse to not look your best.  And now I know to never underestimate the power of manicured eyebrows!  I left the BrowBar feelin’ a little bit sexier.

BeneFit Brow Bar

Bloomingdales SOHO  504 Broadway  New York, NY 10012

Getting There By Subway:

  • N, R, W to Prince Street
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