Are you ready to:

  • weed through the emotions of your single-itis funk?

  • feel hopeful about love and relationships again?

  • clarify what you want, need & deserve in life?

  • figure out what type of partner fits into your life vision

  • identify your relationship red flags and deal breakers?

  • stop repeating the same relationship mistakes?

  • commit to honest self-reflection & personal growth?

  • celebrate your Indie Girl spirit?

Indie Girls in recovery keep Indie Girl Diaries to vent and reflect on the ugly thoughts and emotions born out of lonely, broken hearts. They transport us through an uncensored journey deep into our souls; clarifying what we really want and need out of life and love. And why those wants and needs elude us. Indie Girl Diaries empower us to live with greater integrity, aligning our thoughts and choices with our truth.