Step 4: Indie Girl Adventures

Are you ready to:

  • introduce yourself to our community and start your recovery?
  • speak your truth and be heard?
  • work the 4 Steps with the support and accountability from other Indie Girls in recovery?
  • connect honestly with other women who’ve experienced divorce or heartbreak?
  • have your crazy emotions validated and understood?
  • offer support to other women in different stages of Indie Girl recovery?
  • participate in creative workshops and retreats where movement expression and journaling inspire deep self-reflection and personal growth
  • have some “real talk” aka IndieGirlTalk on our social media channels? 

Indie Girls in recovery rely upon Indie Girl Adventures for meaningful social connections that prevent us from falling off the wagon. Together we share new experiences, indulge our senses, explore our soul's desires, express our creativity and speak our truth within a supportive community of women in different stages of recovery.